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CaminaPinay targeting in FFA

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CaminaPinay targeting in FFA

Suspected user

CaminaPinay [ ]

Violated rules

Targeting in FFA


Screen1 -> Leaving big camp just to destroy mine and to kill me [ ]
Screen2 -> Focusing just on killing me, not on playing normal game [22 points..] [ ]
Screen3 -> Focusing on me again [ ]
Screen4 -> [ ]
Screen5 -> Went in my camp witout reason [ ]
Screen6 -> Failed to attack me [ ] and made me lose match that I would probably won..

Match [ ]


ffa eu top 6.1%
team eu top 21%
Clan: DNVD

Dear Kizza00232Jera,

unfortunately I can't see the screens anymore. If you want this be checked message me by personally.

Kind regards

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