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Bye bye

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Bye bye

Hey people,

I post this message to tell you I definitely quit curve fever 2. The game has become too much laggy (heavy fcking turns) since few months and I tried every possibilities, nothing worked permanently. So I give up, I don't have fun any more.

Anyway, this game brought me a lot of fun these last year's and even if the community was sometimes a bit hard on people, I shared with some of you a great time. This game, the concept is very funny and also competitive and I hope cf4 will keep it that way. I haven't found yet the same feeling on another game.

So thanks to everyone, the players, the developers, the moderators and thanks to Geert for your brilliant idea.

I look forward to playing cf4 and hope it will be cf2 like.without lags and other bugs.

I already gave my account Shambalah and T-rex because they are prenium and it would be a waste.

I go play on cod and pubg now and maybe I will meet some of you, my steam account is camsteack.

Bye everyone ! Ahouuuuuu !


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wolf ;(

The Godfather <3

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It was my plesure to playing with you Wolfi =)  

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You will be missed

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You will be missed wolfy ,farewell

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Au revoir vaurien <3

Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.

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bb m8


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A noble person, Au revoir


Lol this type of posts in 2k18 xD see u soon anyway