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Clan: Jeff

Hey guys, this is again a quit topic on the forums.

Well I decided to quit this game. Purely because this game is full of trolls that keep annoying me, and this game is just dying more and more. I had a nice time playing this game for 1 year and 5 months and I have made alot of friends, some of them still my besties, and some of them are gone and they quit cf too.

When I started playing this game it was a nice and fun game, and it was getting better and better, till I decided to play everday. Well, like most of you have noticed, alot of people quit, and there are not many people playing anymore. To start a normal game back in the days took mostly 5 minutes max, now almost everytime waiting half hour, and wishing to see the players actually play and not leave after 2 rounds. 

anyway, I will never forget these nice people I played with, and those that always used to be here for me. 

I want to thank Yossha, Pat, Implex,  Jamie, Avaritus, Racuine, Sundus, Steven, Julia, Sam, Tijs, Rawand, Crozzi, Cor, Jon, Patrick, Austin, Jorn, Scary, Niuuuum, Sam, Wilco, Ed, Vic, Sinan, Feisel, FloW´, for the fun times we had.

And I know most of the players might not care about this topic and will probably be happy I´m gone now, but I have never cared about those people and I will never care. Well, I have tried to quit many times and I tried to make new accounts with new identities just to try to find some fun, what never happend. 

Was active under the accounts: Meraki, Ascended, Skorch, Meey and probs alot more accounts. And yes, I have tried to quit in the past aswell, but I came back, this time I won't. And no, I won't turn back when CF 3 comes out.

Bye CurveFever 

Clan: JSJP

Ascended=Kim? :(


Please Alan thou art shall not remove this. Ty ty

Kim. Oh, Kimmie Kim (nice nick ikr). I will miss you. So much. I will miss calling you he/she and friending you on all your beautifully named accounts and making priv rooms to confront you. I will miss you saying I had autism in about 10 different languages. What else...Yeah. Basically just the fights we had and how you screened our conversation and posted them on the forums for the world to see.

I am crying now as I type this. Sorry Kim but goodbye my beloved friend. Best friend. 

See you in snake heaven




It's too bad that you left curve, maybe you should've just ignore trollers...This game is losing many players because trollers, I will miss you so much...Good luck in future! And come back as soon as possible ^^

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Clan: r5

 This means we wont have any rematch? *sorry2*

Join my CF2 and CF2 remastered discord!

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Clan: vS

true words

its the right decision ;)

nice matches with you!

Clan: hh

:( cya

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cyaa :( but listen to zaak pls.

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