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Clan: K

I know they'll never get fixed, but I spent some time writing some bugs that I found in the game. I'll update the list as people give me new bugs.

  • When logging into a second account, the Tab button doesn't take you from the username slot to the password slot.
  • When logging into a second account, you have to press on the key define area twice for it to work.
  •  Sometimes, pressing LEAVE in a game will instead open up the Friends menu, due to a bugged hitbox, I assume.
  • After a game, until somebody spectates or the game is updated in some similar way, everybody's stats will be 0.
  • 1v1 Statistics are not displayed, rather, replaced by N/A.
  • GIF icons don't seem to store, and so they will freeze constantly, even after a full loop.
  •  Sometimes, when logging in, you will receive a error in the top left.
  •  After switching account by logging in a second account and logging out the first, you can not read private messages.
  •  After inputting a full line of characters and removing them you can hold enter and send a blank message.
  •  When there are too many spectators for one page, there is no option to visit next page, and the "..." is out of place.
  •  (I'm not sure the circumstances of this one are correct) When there are a full page of unstarted games, when hovering over the last few to see the list of players, it will display for half a second and disappear.
  •  When changing clan, you have to press "CHANGE" twice for it to be confirmed.
  •  Sometimes, when people leave, join, or spectate, the member list in the room will become extremely bugged. 
  •  When people go near an eraser, but don't actually touch it, the field appears to clear but the lines are actually  there, and don't reapper till a few seconds after.
  •  Similar bugs to the above happen with every powerup, for example, going near thin will make you appear to have it when you don't.
  • Debatable whether this is a bug, but ranks aren't integers. they are truncated decimals. Being 1500, and getting +14 can make you 1515.
  •  If you don't leave the score page after a new game starts, the board will appear gray and the names display incorrectly.
  •  The report button no longer works, as the target URL exceeds the length
  •  The white colour, when hovered over, makes the text underneath unreadable.
  •  If you don't have an earned powerup, but the room has it enabled, you can not see it enabled.
  •  The Globetrotter achievement isn't achievable.
  •  The chat sometimes get stuck behind, or even below the chat
  •  The Cooling Down achievement isn't achievable.
  •  The Avenger achievement isn't achievable. 
  •  After a game, as well as plays being at 0, all achievements are appeared gone. even after you leave the room.
  • The Polish colour is orientated wrong in every place it's shown.
  •  Opponent's square head remains after death, hinders game play.
  •  Some area of the chat is also spectator hitbox (example)
  •  If a champion is logged in as the second account, it will say "The great champion (first account)+1 has joined"
  •  Not a bug, but it should say "they" not "he". (example)
  •  When making a room, and you choose CUSTOM, but then switch from Premium to Normal, CUSTOM appears to still be selected.
  •  Not a bug, but considering there are 3 ranked gamemodes, that should be reflected here (example)
  •  You can tell when someone unfriends you or denies a friend request, because the friends list will visibly update by going black
  •  Sometimes, I think after you reload in standalone (not sure) the sound controls aren't there. (example)
  • If a spectator has a bought colour, a player who joins has a chance of getting that colour
  • I have no idea the cause of this, but this can happen (poland) (example)
  • Sometimes you will die in thin air, supposedly due to the fat item showing an incorrect hole size.
  • When you take the 3 split item the screen will freeze for all spectators
  • (Unconfirmed) If too many people type at once, the chat will freeze up. The only fix is a game restart.
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Clan: r4

Opponent's square head remains after death, hinders game play.

Sure in some sense it is a bug but actually I would miss it a lot because I find it useful for multiple reasons. 

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Clan: KOLL
  • not all listed "bugs" are really bugs, some are just missing things or things you want to be changed(e.g. separated 1vs1 stats)
  • icons -> depends on the quality, high quality works normal, low quality stops movement
  • switching account, can't read messages -> just happens for some chats, where the other account is part of both friendlists
  • blank message -> there are multiple ways to do this, you can also send empty lines, making the whole chat disappear(atleast one character is needed at the end of the message = bottom line of the chat)
  • ranks -> it was always like this and the numbers are just rounded to make it easier to display. Without this system, it wouldn't make any difference, if you win 1200 vs 1200 at unranked 1vs1 scaled or 1250 vs 1200
  • white colour -> you also can't see the 'tick' for favorite colour
  • "cooling down" and "avenger" are not achievable anymore*, they were achievable a the past
  • "achievments gone -> this also makes the host unable to use those items(4th itemraw disappears and you have to save the setting one time, before it appears again)
  • sound controls -> this also happens on browser. usually it appears when the game crashes and the site is reloading(also often in connection with "already logged in"-bug)


I could add a lot of other bugs, but I'm too lazy atm ^^    *will keep adding comments, if you update the list



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Clan: K
  • True about the fact that some aren't bugs, but I did preface those with "not a bug, but" or similar.
  • The icons stop playing for me, low or high quality. I have fast internet and a good computer, and after one loop of the gif, they should cache, which would stop them stuttering.
  • It happens for the chats that were already in progress before you switch accounts.
  • I know that ranks have always been like this, but it's just an odd, and, while it doesn't actually hinder anything in reality, is flawed.

Thanks for reading through it though. I know there are many more bugs, but I got bored of updating the list.. If people suggest new bugs, I will add them to the list.


Clan: veni

Nice topic. I'll add a few you didn't put in.

*Sometimes you die in air. Mostly in the mode ''special''. When everyone gets the thick item and you go back to normal size and tries to enter a hole between a thick line you will die in nothing/air

*When you take the 3 split item the screen will freeze for all spectators

''the chat sometimes get stuck'' - yup. When too many people message you at once it will just get stuck and u cant close it or read other messages so you have to refresh your page

*Sometimes you can't move at the start of a new round unless you tap on ur screen. (This has something to do with you being on another browser, but that shouldn't affect you not being able to move when clicking back to cf)

*If you are on another browser and the host starts the game u will disconnect from the room and go to the lobby and everyone will impatiently have to wait for u to realise and rejoin the room (we have the sound on for a reason - to know when the game starts, so idk if it purposely disconnect us but imo it shouldnt)


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this is actually a useful "feature" instead of a bug: if theres a spec who bought a color it happens that you "bug" that color so you can play with it


Clan: KOLL

Run. wrote:

*Sometimes you die in air. Mostly in the mode ''special''. When everyone gets the thick item and you go back to normal size and tries to enter a hole between a thick line you will die in nothing/air

This is connected to holes and the timing of taking the fat-item(not to special setting).

When your line(normal size) makes a hole, while an opponent is taking the fat-item, the visible hole will start as normal size hole and end as fat size hole. The problem is, that the visible hole changes, but actually it‘s just a normal size hole. So if you go close to the „fat-line size“ of the hole, you will die.

This bug is similar to the eraser-bug listed above. There all visible lines disappear when a lagger comes close to an eraser, but the lines are still there and kill you.

The opposite of this bug is the „speed-bug“. If your line is speeded up and you take an eraser, the „visible new line“ starts earlier than the existing line. As result you can go threw the start of the players line(the length of this „fake visible part“ depends on the amount of speeds taken -> more speeds = the part is gettin longer) and you won‘t die.

Same happens, when you crash into another line, when you are speeded up. You die at this line, but your line gets extended above the line you crashed in(just check the forum for some „5-speed kills“ or stuff like this and you find enough screens). This „extended visible line“ is also a fake and you can go threw it and won‘t die.



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„fat-line site”*



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