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Bubble Item Upgrade - Update

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Bubble Item Upgrade - Update
I like the idea,good suggestion,could be usefull !
59% (10 votes)
I don't like the suggestion,it's bad,it's useless !
41% (7 votes)
Total votes: 17


  1. Bubble,after touching,releases new (same as before,random) item

(So instead of waiting few seconds for another items to appear, one (random) item imidiately spawns somewhere inside the map)


So in this first photo we see milisecond before hitting the item and when the player hits the bubble,in the exact same moment,this should happen (2nd.Photo)


 And after this 1st one,bubble can do the same-old job that he did,releasing new (random) items after few seconds.


I think this small change,could be very usefull for Bubble! Maybe they would be used more,you never know! 

Tell me your thoughts

Lëë Sin Only


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For now, i often see it used at custom item sets, to make the general spawnrate of all items bigger. With your idea, it is just "1for1" which don't make any sence to me. I mean where is the difference?

As an example, let's take the drop of 10 items, set thin(+3cicrle):

1. case, just "thin": 10 items=10 thin

2. case, thin+2circle(just an example): 10 items=6 thin+4 3circles(->3 thin + 1 3circle -> 1 thin)

As you can see, it just increase the time to get the thin item, as you have to take the 3-circle item, before a random thin spawns.

I prefer it as it is now(maybe it would be interesting to know how exactly it works).



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