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I would like to report Sosho' for boosting his/her 1 vs.1 rank. I am not sure if it's boosting but (s)he has played at least 20 times in row against UNCivilisedguy. All 20 matches were held yesterday (11.08.). As You can see from matchlinks, the length of matches was always around 3 minutes.

Suspected user(s):

Sosho' (,

UNCivilisedguy (


As proofs I have 20 matchlinks, I'm sure there are more boosted matches but I can only see 20 of them.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Additional information:

User Sosho' has currently been member for 3 days and 1 hour. It has 2001 FFA rank. I suspect him/her in boosting FFA rank, too. 

Kind regards