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Bloodred wins the Curve Fever 2 Full Camp Competition 2018!

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Bloodred wins the Curve Fever 2 Full Camp Competition 2018!

Hello! In the past few months, we have had an official contest which has come to an end and it is time to announce the results of it!

And the winner of the Curve Fever 2 Full Camp Competition 2018 is Bloodred! Bloodred managed to camp on the map for 11 minutes and 14 seconds - that's world record! Second place goes to Maluco with 10:05 and third place to BrutalSzymon with 9:31.

I want to give special shoutout to my recording squad - Shenn', Holla die Waldfee, Freakout and R4W1L. All of you put your time into this competition and I am thankful for that! You guys did a great job and I'm looking forward working with you in next year's competition.

I also want to apologise in the audience to Freakout. Freakout should have camped also, we started with the camping session, but my recorder kept crashing so we decided to cancel it. Unluckily, it was on the last day of the competition. No other recorders were online then, too. When I had fixed my recorder, he had already went out and he could not camp. I discussed with him about it and he was fine by not being given another chance - in its case, other players, who did not camp, should have been given a chance to camp after the deadline which would have caused chaos.

All results of the competition:

  1. Bloodred - 11:14:73
  2. Maluco - 10:05:17
  3. BrutalSzymon - 9:31:10
  4. Dark Rage - 9:25:90
  5. Ken' - 9:18:87
  6. Shikon. - 9:16:60
  7. Nightbreed - 9:16:37
  8. titi94 - 9:10:78
  9. Daresco - 9:10:30
  10. ferma - 9:09:60
  11. .Loki - 8:46:30
  12. Shenn' - 8:36:63
  13. Avalon' - 8:31:10
  14. SnajpeK- - 8:30:07
  15. deepwater - 8:09:60
  16. RosieRosie - 8:03:16
  17. msd_7 - 7:35:60
  18. .us pro - 7:29:70
  19. Baby Shark - 7:27:43
  20. .Monster. - 7:11:16
  21. Kiver - 7:04:57
  22. the_hashtag - 6:57:47
  23. sarah2005meow - 6:43:47
  24. BLAcKYeLLoW - 6:25:53
  25. RealKapi' - 5:50:80
  26. SiNAN_ - 5:25:57
  27. driv4r - 5:17:65
  28. MauritoLoz - 1:39:17

All videos are visible from this playlist:

I have also updated the spreadsheet of results through the years:



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It looks like Maluco and others who took 4+ places became silver medalists :}

Because it looks like very similar color. So congratulations for all the folks! Especially for those who did their full fullcamps :)

I enjoyed to watch your camps in the playlist.

RosieRosie and R4W1L nice songs of yours videos ;D

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ferma wrote:

RosieRosie and R4W1L nice songs of yours videos ;D

Escuse me, I've meant not a recorder R4W1L, but player the_hashtag

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Sick camp Bloodred, unbeliveable for me. Congratz

Clan: WnR


Clan: Vito

hm didnt know Don can finish a camp and he got almost 10 minutes :O