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The Big Username Tournament of 2019 - Semi Finals

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team eu top 20%
The Big Username Tournament of 2019 - Semi Finals


Up until now, after you submitted your vote, you were able to see the results so far. Since this is the Semi Finals, I will be keep the results hidden until the voting ends, so as to not have any bias. I also want the results to be a surprise too and not be known before I post the results.


***Voting ends at 23:59 on 29/01/2019***

Please choose the best username based on the following criteria:

1) When the username joins a lobby, their name stands out and leaves a lasting impression in your mind.

2) The username has good symmetry and is appealing to the eye.

3) The username looks threatening and it makes you want that username on your team.


Semi Final A

Semi Final B

Tournament Schedule

team eu top 20%