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The big Username Tournament of 2019 Begins - 1B

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The big Username Tournament of 2019 Begins - 1B

Hi all,

There have been lots of suggestions so far for best username of Curve Fever. 

This tournament is to decide which username is the best as voted by the community.

Please choose the best username based on the following criteria:

1) When the username joins a lobby, their name stands out and leaves a lasting impression in your mind.

2) The username has good symmetry and is appealing to the eye.

3) The username looks threatening and it makes you want that username on your team.

I have decided to do a polling system that allows you to rank the usernames from first to last. 

Tournament 1B consists of 23 usernames. The best 10 usernames after all the voting has been done will advance to the next round.

Voting ends by the 23rd January 2019.

*Link to poll*

*Link to schedule*