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The big Username Tournament of 2019 - and the winner is....

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The big Username Tournament of 2019 - and the winner is....


Apologies, Miaonaise has been disqualified from the tournament as I noticed a massive pattern of the same votes for 30 consecutive votes. 

I have now based the final between Gilnash, Voices and Noello and choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd based on who was voted 1st the most in the final

Winner) Voices in my Head was voted first 18 times

Runner-up) Noello DE Rossi-e kindertejszelet was voted first 13 times

Third-Place) Gilnash was voted first 8 times


I think rawil was probably the culprit to the Miaonaise spam voting. Theres always one troll.

Thanks to all others for voting correctly.

Below is the original post before I found out about the cheated votes in the final.

Thanks everyone for voting each round on the big username tournament of 2019. 

I left it up to you, the community and did as fair as possible a job as I could.

The official best username voted by you all is..

1st) Miaonaise

2nd) Gilnash

3rd) Noello DE Rossi-e kindertejszelet

In 4th place was Voices in my Head

Here are some statistics from throughout the tournament

Number of times a player was voted number 1 by a voter (The final is not included in these statistics)

Voices in my Head was voted number 1 44 times.

Noello DE Rossi-e kindertejszelet and Ninaballerina were voted number 1 25 times.

Mylifeispotato was voted number 1 19 times.

Winners of each rounds

1A) Shinkansen
1B) Mylifeispotato
1C) Ninaballerina
1D) Snakeysa
2A) Shinkansen
2B) Parris Hilton
2C) Voices in my Head
2D) Alfy
2E) Glenn with double N
Quarter A) Noello DE Rossi-e kindertejszelet
Quarter B) Voices in my Head
Quarter C) Ninaballerina
Quarter D) Mylifeispotato
Semi A) Noello DE Rossi-e kindertejszelet
Semi B) Voices in my Head



team eu top 15%
Clan: Read

Now... can we get the 4 winners to play as a team ;) ;P 

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Sorry Ju

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Now I understand why Nina didn't make it to the final.

Ninaballerina you are the winner 4 me ;)