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beware of Køffeina

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Clan: bjuz
beware of Køffeina

Don't play against Køffeina unless u wanna get lagged to death Smile

idk what his main is but he probably using this sec acc so he doesnt get banned on his main or smth

He's using laggy moves such as moving close to an eraser so other ppl sees the map being erased and using lag moves by moving left-right if you know what I mean..

Didn't report cuz I dont have any proofs... Just wanna warn yall

btw he is using an excuse saying he is lagging cuz he is from Asia, that's bs cuz me and my friend are from Asia too and we don't lag.



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Clan: Star

U r right bruh, I played with him today he lagged hard... I couldn't do anything against him. Be careful of him!

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Clan: Grym

Same, and he refuses to refresh.

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Then why not someone play with him ( on second account ) and get a recorder and record it, so he/she can get banned.

- Ivan


Spoiler: Highlight to view

FFA - 1662

Team - 1710

1v1 - 1558 

ffa eu top 22%
1v1 eu top 5.2%
team eu top 18%

he begged us to let him play saying he was rank 4500

as a big fan of imrank3500 I was ofc curious to see how good he was

nothing would have prepared us for how laggy this guy was

he was like Gonzalo456 x .TreS x some random asian r10beast... only just worse

I was furious as he kept refusing to refresh and was constantly jeering at us by saying EZ

however towards the end of the game he left the map and made a surprise guest appearance when I thought I had finally gotten us our first win

marvelled at this gesture, I finally accepted defeat

all in all good game and would recommend anyone to accept the challenge and play against this pro


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