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Bets and Wagers - In coins

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Bets and Wagers - In coins

So, I dont know if this was already suggested before, but here is my idea. Imagine if you could bet your coins on a player in a game you're spectating. This should only be allowed in official tournaments, to avoid abusing and farming coins. Also, players could wager coins, so all of the players in the lobby have to pay. The winner of the match gets all of the coins and the host gets 10% back if he loses( to support making such lobbies). This would make games more interesting to observers and add a new challenge to it.

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Lol, it's a really good idea...

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Seems Dirol to me! Though it'll probably be something only for CF3...

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Hey, I believe Geert was talking about a similiar idea for Curve Fever 3:

High stakes quick play

Players choose a game, where they can win coins. There is a 40 coins table (10 coins stakes), a 200 coins table, a 4000 coins table, a 20k coins table, etc. Each table has slightly different game modes, like: Open borders on/off, Base speed higher, etc. Players put in coins on a match. (for example 100 coins). The total pot is 600 coins, the number 1 gets 400 coins (thus 400 coins table), the number 2 gets 200 coins. Players decide themselves how big they want to make their risk. At the end they get their coins. There is no leaderboard on rank, but on people who won the most coins

 I don't know if high stakes quick play is 100% going to be in Curve Fever 3, but either way it sounds exciting!