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The best speed team player of 2018!

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ffa eu top 4.1%
1v1 eu top 9.4%
team eu top 13%
The best speed team player of 2018!
32% (9 votes)
7% (2 votes)
7% (2 votes)
21% (6 votes)
General Graardor
29% (8 votes)
Someone else (write who)
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 28

Hello guys,

there was an official camp competition in 2018, there were an Olympics in 2018 and so many other great official competitions... After that all I wanna know who was the best player of thin teams and speed teams in 2018! For both of these categories I make a poll with 6 options. I nominate the 5 players myself, but you can nominate someone yourself if you dont agree with me.

Feel free to comment on this topic and lets see who was the best thin and speed team player in 2018!

Have fun and keep curving!

Best regards, Petra

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ffa eu top 1%
team eu nr. 5
Clan: GUN

Is it just me or did you forget to open the poll, because currently it's closed.

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Clan: 1150

My choice is General Graardor

Thank you for this poll!

The best spectator of all times vet137! 

ffa eu top 18%
1v1 eu top 24%
team eu top 4.3%
Clan: K

My choice is also General Graardor

and yes I agree vet137 is best spectator

(we can't vote yet something's wrong)

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ffa eu top 4.1%
1v1 eu top 9.4%
team eu top 13%

Ops, I closed the poll, thats why you couldnt vote. Now I activated it so you can. Sorry! :D