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Best 10 Team players

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Clan: Yeey
Best 10 Team players

Hello, guys.

I want to start playing team again and I want to know who I should watch to learn something about how to play team.

So who you think are the best 10 team thin players of CF?

I think this might help others too to know who is good to watch. We all can learn from watching!

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CurveFever TV was created for people like you. :)

Go to:
Go over to playlists: and you will see a section called Team. Click on it.
That will bring you here:

Rank categories:

  • Beginner: 0-1399
  • Intermediate: 1400-1799
  • Advanced: 1800-1999
  • Expert: 2000-2099
  • Professional: 2100-2199
  • Legend: 2200+

A big advantage of these videos, I think, is that you can pause & replay whenever you want and as many times as you want.
You might also be interested in this:

I don't know who the best 10 thin team players are, but here you can find the current ranking:

CurveFever TV is only 6 weeks old, but many videos.
I hope you like it. :)


CurveFever TV



 My opinion:

1. theRealMadridcf

2. Oldghz

3. Bitch.. (He plays on Dec.' atm)

4. Gilnash

5. Aw3s0me.

6. 2hot4u

7.Simka121 or Simka 212

8.  Alfy

9. Alan when he plays serious and idk what account he plays on atm aha he has new every week.

10. Shivers

These are all great team players and amazing in Thin also. It is worth watching all of them :)


And also I am not as good as these guys but I am not bad and you can probably learn something from me also seeing as you are 1100, so can add me in-game and watch me if you like.

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Clan: Sora

Pug., 2hot4u, Lison, Real, Old, Mimi, Jimmy, MarioP1, Bratrolle, Reverton. 



Oldghz, real, idiotsmustdie, 2hot4u, mimi, leon, pug., bratrolle, wilco/bratis and idk
there are lots of good players likr gilnash or tailoe but they're more ffa players ^^

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1v1 america top 14%
team america top 8.4%

kurwa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\



Declan opinion:

2. Oldghz

4. Gilnash

5. Aw3s0me.

6. 2hot4u

8.  Alfy


 Joke top players especially bratrole someone said,im better than all of these in team. Ofcourse Oldz and Aw3s0me have some great skill from ffa which help in team too but anyway pretty bad top list if you talking team.

Boteng true and only list in RANDOM ORDER











These are pretty comitted to playing team games at high level for very long time not like'' Awesome im gonna win one game alone all by myself cause i have ffa skill than im gonna make my team lose for 10 games in row and blame them.



boteng93 wrote:

Declan opinion:

2. Oldghz

4. Gilnash

5. Aw3s0me.

6. 2hot4u

8.  Alfy

Hey Boteng, the players you mentioned all great team players maybe exception of one or two present day.

But my list is my opinion from personal experience of playing on same team as these players.

All the players mentioned in my list are just amazing teamplayers or they are players which I can co-operate well with.

And especially old you mentioned, I am shocked by this, he has got 2nd highest team rank ever, he is probably just as good as theRealMadridcf nowadays in Team and FFA, just not 1v1. I play a lot with old and he is great in Team.

I know you think maybe FFA players cannot also play team good aswell, but Gilnash is also in same clan as me and old and he can also play very good teamplay, he understands it and his skills enhance his gameplay in team aswell, same with Lison when I also played with him.


anna/skal/koena/theejay in front of players like pug.

unbelieveble lol

oh yeah sorry about gilnash he is good totally forgot who he is. Ye another trash team player pug how old is he 12 or something kids cant play team for long time very good or in pug case cant play team at high level at all. These are just solo players ofcourse they pretty good ffa, and  when luck is on their side they even can play good team for some time but in long term they just very and very bad players if they do some rankwhoring doesnt make them better ofcourse they can get high ranks, but most of good team players play game for fun . If all good low ranked team-players would decide to play serious (impossible of course) for how long players like pug lisona bratrole would stay high ranked, for how long these teams made of ffa players would last. Not for long id say


He got 2300 ffa and 2400 team, thats luck? XD
hes 16 btw

so it means you just his new fan friend


Declan, there is no point in arguing with botenq. This guy just provokes and has his own opinion that practically nobody agrees with. But I assume you already know that.

1. theRealMadridcf

2. Oldghz

3. Reverton

4. 2hot4u

5. Moko

6. DeclanR

7. Shivers

8. MarioP1

9. Soniuś (I am not sure if she is Placidity or Serenity)

10. Haru. (Saeki)

There is no order in my list, I just put players randomly. 

not that bad list expect number 4 bad number 5 worse , number 6 worst. And 7,8,9,10 played not for very long and not that good i came after break to play i could play better than half of these players if no lag, ok your list is pretty bad i guess :D what i can make from your terrible list is

Real Old Reverton, fine top 3 group

And Shivers little better than mario cause he kept high skill for longer time from what i ve seen. (another 2)

Others dont have half of my skill just not professianal type of players some mixed up rankwhoring not fair team making mix


boteng93 wrote:

Others dont have half of my skill just not professianal type of players some mixed up rankwhoring not fair team making mix

I don't even like high Team rank, and also I have not saw you in a while. You can't of saw me play recently, within last few months or so.

team america top 32%
Clan: Jedi

I have the 2nd most Team Championships after real (+ Yellow') : (


boteng93 wrote:

 i could play better than half of these players if no lag,



boteng93 wrote:

ok your list is pretty bad i guess :D what i can make from your terrible list is

This is my list, not yours. 


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1. TherealmadridCf

2. Oldghz

3. Reverton

4. Simka

5. Mimikilldich

6. Yellow.'

7. Mariop1

8. Alan

9. Shivers

10. Wilco


Edited 9 and 10

Red Speed Pro

nice try stijn best list after mine. exept ofcourse pug kanches not that great in team more solo players, of course very skilled but if you change them to Theejay which is probably  best team player of all time hes not even on your list and Wilco you have 2x better team.. Pug kanches dont have much in common with team games. And Theejay has some exeptional qualities when it comes to team. writing this comment i made up final list in exact order with little fix

So ive been playing this game for 2 years allmost most of the time with very best team players my record in team is somewhere about 2100 and i think this is true top 10 best player list.

1.Theejay (exeptional teaming up no one was ,or will team up as good as him i think he is just many steps ahead of every player or even spectator)

2. Real (best solo player who managed to convert his skill to team games)

3. Mimi (extremely professional keeping highest skill and rank for very long time)

4. Wilco ( great solo player who learned how to team as well as to play solo)


6. Reverton

7. Alan

8 Koena

9 S-kal

10 Anna or Simka hard to decide when i started to play this game anna was good Simka was total failure no one would want her in team but i guess things change but i think only one girl decides place in top 10 so that girl name is .



Where's Thrill on the lists?




yellow.' (ye, i name myself ;))








to be added:

theejay, wilco, reverton

not 10 people but my list is best anyway