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Being forced to play as rainbow in team games

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Being forced to play as rainbow in team games

It's a good thing that non-premiums may buy and use extra colors, it's understandable that possibility of swiching colors freely is left for premiums also it's ok that rasta nad rainbow may be used in team games as "universal" colors - it's fine that some players like to use thiem, but I believe evereone should always have a possibility not to.

It was meant to be an extra, special feature and you may understand that some players may prefer using colors assigned to a specific team (hot or cool), yet having bought 3 extra colors (white, purple and rainbow), sometimes one of them is assigned to me the moment I join a room - in case of white or purple it's not a problem, as they are team-specific, yet sometimes I get rainbow assigned to me and if white or purple is taken by a premium user, I have no way of changing it.

I don't need any specific color. I'm ok that I get a random one. But when some basic, team-assigned colors are lying spare, why shall I be forced to play with rainbow?

In fact a good enough solution for me would be removing rainbow color from my account. I bought it as a premium, who had a lot of coins to burn and I don't really need it.

If you don't intend to implement a general solution for this issue any time soon, is there some way I can remove rainbow color from my account or some person who would do that for me on my request?

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So you're saying you want an option to not have the bought colors as instant color if you're not premium?