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beggars list BAD

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beggars list BAD

Many beggars who keep asking to put them on the friends list, kick you if you don't add them. This is bad. CF would be better if players had to pay 20 or 100 coins even if they are on your friends list. It would solve the whole concept of beggars.

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It's one of the premiumfeatures, that your friends play for free with you at premium rooms. This makes it possible, that if you play as group, just one player has to buy premium and not everybody.

I decided for myself, that I won't add people I don't know/I don't want to have at my friendlist. It's sometimes anoying to get several friendrequests from non-premiums(have to admit, that I also do this, if I play on my 2nd acc), but you can simply delte them and keep your friendlist for frriends(for me friends + mods/devs + usefull contacts ~ 100 contacts at my fl).

In my opinion this feature is more usefull than nasty, as you as premiumplayer can play with your friends at any time and any room you want and your friends are not blocked throught their amount of coins.

Also most experienced players prefer teamgames and you would have a lot less rooms(less choice), if every non-premium has to pay for premium games.



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I don't play cf2 anymore (no flash) but my solution was to just always accept anyone who sent me a friend request, no matter what. I always considered it a very bad decision to make ranked games non-free, so if anyone wanted to play I accepted them on principle. The in-game friends list doesn't carry much meaning for me anyway.