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Ban system is not taken seriously.

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Ban system is not taken seriously.

By probably anyone, really. As I started voting in Tribunal I realised this during reading one of the logs "I have been reported a zillion times", "(Player said they reported him. His reaction:) Guest: Yea, but I just get a week ban for this".

Really, those who want to be rude simply don't care if they get ban on one account for a week. They just create another account and go as they want. Some of them don't even start a game, only bring chaos and are rude to others.

The ban system here is really lacking in an effectiveness.

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It's true that the result is connected to the account, but every case is reviewed by a moderator. You can be sure that people who have a history, will also get their mainaccounts punished if there is a reason for it.



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Unfortunately there is only so much we can do here. With the tribunal I am the one who reviews every case that comes in and decide if anything further is necessary. I am aware of most common offenders and deal with them best I can. In the long term it actually does work a little since some people lose patience to create a new account and play it up every week.

Personally, I don't think it is the ban system that is the issue here. It is simply how easy it is to rank up very quickly. Also creating accounts with fake emails kinda bugs me. In CF3 we will review some better ways of doing things. I am a big fan of chat bans (instead of account bans) and stuff like that. It directs attention rather than forcing them to make new accounts.

Do you have any suggestions?


Well, chat ban is a good idea.

I have one, though it's not infallible, plus I don't know how difficult to execute it could be, but seems like the best option.

IP ban?

I know that more than one person can be playing from one IP, but is it really that common? Besides, if one person couldn't play because of the other one, then, perhaps, they would make the culprit stop doing offensive things. Or there would be, like, exception of this "normal" person account.

As I said, it's a pure divagation, a thought in the air, but I thought I'd share.

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There is no effective way to close out people from online games whatsoever. The only thing you can do is to make it hurt to lose an account. Players should work hard to get things (boosts, colors etc.) on their account (which they will miss if it's gone) and rank/elo should be difficult to achieve. Only then it will be so annoying to make a new account that people won't risk anymore to provoke bans easily.

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IP bans are a last resort and are permanent. They don't always work though because they are relatively easy to get around. I agree with Genius IQ. The punishment has to mean something, which means having something truly earned for the account which is then lost. That's not so difficult, the difficulty is dealing with those who just don't care. It's impossible to remove them completely, so that's why I think distracting them somehow is the way to go. If they can play but just cannot use the chat...maybe they will keep playing? Who knows!

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Sure for some players being banned isn't really a big issue because they enjoy what they do. In fact, they are filled with pride when they realise they are banned.

Personally, I have been banned three times. The first time I was so frustrated because I didn't find it fair. The second time I was banned I did agree with it and took the punishment. The third time was ridiculous and I just laughed.

But sure some players don't openly admit that banning them has some effect on them. It does. Now I am more careful what I say to other people. 

I think IP banning should only be used in the most EXTREME cases. Preventing them from using the chat would be a good idea because it would enable them to control what they say to others.

I hope something like this is done for CF3.

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