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Bad system

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Bad system

I was playing with my friend 1v1 TEAM UNRANKED and i left game so he won.. And this counted like we played 1v1. Well, THIS SUCKS! Now i can't play unranked games with my friends... It is bullshit.

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Are you a baby?

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Geert on 10 December, 2014 - 16:45
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SO gold!!!!!! More Jokess yhhhheeeee :D


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Please make it possible to play unranked (+0) 1on1 games :/

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Team 1v1 shouldn't count as 1v1 ranked :c

You're Pro or you're Noob. That's life

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Nawl wrote:

Team 1v1 shouldn't count as 1v1 ranked :c

Yep :(

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same thing i played with friend unranked team 1vs1 and i leaved for laundry 


25- rank ... gg


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Skinhead..laundry.. hihi