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Bad attitude and racistic people

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Bad attitude and racistic people

When I play Curve Fever and just enter random games, I always find people with a very bad attitude. Either they are good players who just wants to humiliate the worse players by expressing all kinds of shit to the bad players or often it's even the worse players who can't stand losing or something.

I also find that people in here sometimes are rather racistic. Of course most of the players are not, but I have several times been into games, where the people write quite racistic stuff. Today I actually found a game called "Skyd den neger", which litterary means "shoot that nigger" in Danish and I must honestly say, that if I ever heard anyone say anything like that in real life, I would probably beat the shit out of that person. 

+ I can't find any rapport-button anywhere, but maybe that's just me.

Am I the only one who finds these kind of people and hate them? Although I really like the game, I think I'm going to stop playing. I simply don't feel comfortable playing

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Here is the report button :)