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Backend servers are going to be transitioned

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Backend servers are going to be transitioned

Dear players,

Our backend server provider is Yahoo. They are closing down their service and our game is going to be transferred to a new company. This moving should be completed before the 8th of May, but it might cause an unforeseen unreliability in the server network. This might result in lag. We see such a thing right now, with the lag going throug the roof. We are on it to give you the best game experience without lagging, but things are a little out of our control right now. I hope you understand this.

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will the connection as it is right now stay stable or could it vary from better to worse?

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bb cf for 1month :S

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So they can be changed. Nice lies zeroZshadow! 


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Impossible to play like this. We cant play tournament tonight.

If it stays like this for a month sashaZR is right.


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Ken' wrote:

So they can be changed. Nice lies zeroZshadow! 

You can switch from yahoo servers to other yahoo servers, because they also support, but you can't switch to other servers. He never said something else. The normal reason why they don't get used, is that the swiss servers have a worser quality than the normal servers. But as there are some problems with the normal ones, he switched to other yahoo servers.



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ZeroZshadow did not lie. The game is not being moved by Curve Fever to another server. It is being organised by Yahoo because of the internal stuff involving PlayerIO. 

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I start to understand why Yahoo is slowly dying. They suck.

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Yahoo sucks, when I did register account there some months ago, it kept remembered, afterwards I was trying to add another account to log in, but I couldn't on that one, but the last one I registered and using. Just sayin.




Is there a reason why i have 150-400ping on this account with every 2sec a slow connection, but on ananother account (non-prem) my ping is 28-40ping??? yes i have restarted flashplayer, my laptop and internet already.


nvm ping changed on the other account aswell to 150 at the start of my 2nd game with every 2sec a slow

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What company you transferring to?