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Axel_orre and Wattberg are playin as a team in FFA 2017-09-13

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Axel_orre and Wattberg are playin as a team in FFA 2017-09-13


Axel_orre (


Wattberg (

were playin as team in ffa match.

First game I played against them was obviously a teamplay, but it supposed to be a ffa match. Wattberg was making a space for Axel_orre, then he was leaving and attacking me or just simply attack from both of them in the very beginning of the round. So I decided to make screens, when I was spectator. They were continuing their cheat moves, at the same moment they were happy about what they did and they provoked me to play another one.

As you can see, not only me, but others players were complainin about them. Another proof is in the scoreboard - Wattberg (Axel_orre helper) was always last (makin space and dying for his boosting teammate).

Wish you to ban them forever, cause Axel_orre has almost 800 games and he said that he was and will make exactly same unfair moves. They were having really fun about cheating. (all screens)

other games with these two (after mine)

other witnesses (who can prove it):


sorry for my language mistakes, I was writing it in a rush.

I'm waiting for some justice admins

Peace out,

sick boy Smile



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Dear sick boy,

thank you for your report.
I got your points but the screens you are providing are too less for a ban.
Anyway a warning will be given and if further complaints are sent to me a ban is given.

Kind regards

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