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Avoiding 2nd accounts

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Avoiding 2nd accounts

Yo guys,

Lately, there have been a lot of 2nd accounts in well, mostly every game.

I think the primary reason for that is the free to join update into ranked games.

solution: Isn't there a possibility to for example make the games free after 100 plays? So it will solve 2 big problems nowadays for the competitive (and financial most valuable) players.
1) 2nd accounts will mostly disappear, or if they appear it'll be in normal games.
2) Completely new players won't be able to join team games too quickly, which causes raging people, bad teamgames and leavers!





In case someone reads this, here are 2 other suggestions
1) scale the map when people leave in a scaled game
2) Make the fairing system in teamgames something automatically, calculated with the rank of the leaver. (for example if the mvp leaves, the mvp of the other team will mostly fair, if the noob leaves, the noob of the other team will mostly fair). This will rebalance the teamgames in a proper way, and since mostly bad players leave, it is an extra reason to become highranked in teamgames ;)

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"Isn't there a possibility to for example make the games free after 100 plays? "

?????? how are they gonna find rooms to play in if they have to pay with coins they dont own  ? ?? ? 


In free to play games? Nowadays all the games are, I mean, let them enter free in ranked games after 100 games. The kind with 8 players and set items, how hard to understand could it be? :p

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glad you understood !

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Let’s find some mistakes and problems here. So the first thing that is wrong is the appearance of the 2nd accounts. Since the reset of the teamranks(shortly before cf3 release) the players started to create a massive amount of 2nd accounts. There were some 2nd accounts before, but the teamrankreset was the big brake. After this reset the rankings never reached the old level again and many players created 2nd accounts to get a good place at the rankings. This destroyed the meaning of the teamranks and it‘s still the same situation. The change at the coinsystem isn’t important. At the old days the people just spammed premium players with friendrequests to get free games and it will be the same case again when you change the system. 

Also the two changes you mentioned won’t happen. As I said 2nd accounts will just beg for add and also the leavers/ragers are more often 2nds than new players. 

For your other two ideas:

First one is a good one, but not worth spending time for the devs. The second one won‘t help.

There is no rule that you have to fair and also if somebody leaves the game can’t be fair anymore. Just take the case team A 1000,1500,1500,2000 vs team B 4*1500. The teams have the same average, but if the 2k leaves it is impossible to fair for team B, as they have nobody on that level. Other case the 1000 leaves, makes it an easy game for team A as they will clearly be stronger now. You can’t get a fair situation that is even to the situation with full teams. Also everybody who joins wants to play and not die several rounds. The system could also easily be abused and what do you want to do if 3 or 4 players of a team leave, 1vs1 full field or lucky player who died last wins the round?! You can also search for old topics about fairplay and you will find many problems that are connected with such a system(it has reasons that no online game has a fairplaysystem for leavers).




My time:

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I do agree with the most of your sayings!


Just first thing, about the first 100 plays not being able to join a game for free. Nowadays adding a prem won't help you in any way, keep it that way. So let them add premiums in their first 100 games, but don't make that a reason for them to be able to play for free. If they don't get a free to play by adding a prem, neither will they add one!

And another thing. It is true that many players made 2nds with the rank reset, but right now there are still bunch of 2nd accounts, far more then ever before (also in ffa). So the team reset might've been a reason then, but nowadays they also do it just because it is fun and easy to do it, since you can join ranked games for free from the start.

Even so, if you make it 100 coins to join for the first 100 games, they wouldn't be able to get in a team game from the start. They can by adding a premium, but why would the system need a free to play by adding a premium if it is free to play now? Just avoid that system (which is perfectly possible nowadays) and the thing I say above works perfectly.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion. There are plenty of topics in the forum about second accounts but it's important for us to notice this issue is still a big one in Curve Fever over the years. The moderators often talk about this because actually it sometimes makes the work very hard to handle the cheating. One of the other present matter is account sharing.

Let me back go on your suggestion. I think everybody should be able to play the game without paying because of two main reasons :
- make it more enjoyable for everybody (new players and players who search games) : the CF community is small, so there are not many active games
- expand the community : promoting, communicating and playing with friends for expanding

I suggested internally something that might be considering in the new Curve Fever version : 
- making restrictions on new accounts : can't buy some stuff, play ranking games... before playing 50 games or 24 hours for example. This system is already used in very popular online games (like Dota2).

Best regards,

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Well I do understand your opinion! 

Well the restrictions would fix the problem for the biggest part!
I truly hope it happens!
Another option is ofcourse to not give the first 10 games a rank boost, or do so, but limit it at 1200ffa and 1000 team for example !


thanks for the reply :)