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Avoid Davi770 2.0 and OctaafDeBolle 2.0

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Avoid Davi770 2.0 and OctaafDeBolle 2.0

I am not trying to report these players (because I don't have a video of a game). Just telling you to avoid them, because they team up to beat you, and improve their ranking, they even added 2 guests which are not playing at all, to make sure not too many people enter their room.
If they enter your room, kick them out, if you get in their room, get out asap. Keep unfair players from playing, and stealing your ranking points.
I guess 2.0 in their name is because they were already banned...

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Hi neky,

I'm going to close this topic for now, but if possible could you please record a video or could someone else do this and catch them? If so post it in the cheater section and their punishment will be made more severe. Thanks.


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