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Arena 4 & 5

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Clan: Tree
Arena 4 & 5


In the shop there are some heads which unlocks by winning in arena 4 or 5.

Now the problem is that i can't find these arenas in the game ??

Clan: veni

They will be added to the game later, but right now there's more important priorities :p

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Nah I think it's pretty important. As soon as they add those arenas, I won't have to deal with those annoying ghost players in arenas 1/2 :p

OMG!!! It's Over 9000!!! (ms lag)

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When does Arena 4&5 come?


I'm not sure I'm pressed. I often lose my money in Arena 2. And there are often not enough people in Arena 3 in order to play in less than 10 minutes. I hope Arena 5 will not be 10000 money to enter in. If so, I will never see it and will never obtain coolest future items. Let's wait ;)

I like CF1. I like CF2. I like CF3. I like CF4.