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Are there less mods now?

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Are there less mods now?

Hi, i have a question to the number of moderators. Today i noticed that there are very less mods mentioned at the forums. with "Managed by ..." there are just Calmy, Depp, O_Q, Dutch4All and Hammer. What happen to the other ones? Are they still moderators, but just don't do forum work or are they fired?


Pwnyeall has quit his job since he had no more time for CurveFever

Salietje was mentioned on some forum parts aswell, as known he quitted Curve Fever some weeks ago.

Fire was also on some parts, He is developing for Curve Fever now and does not have enough time to keep an eye on the forum all the time.

We will try to manage the forum as good as possible, therefore you see some Moderators taking over some parts,

I hope i have informed you enough.

Have a nice day!


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ok, ty



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Question answered! Thanks Remco


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