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Answering topic 'Banned for Nothing'

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Answering topic 'Banned for Nothing'

Answer for topics: (1) and (2)

Dear all,

first of all and that's also a very well known rule: Answers to cheater reports are sent privately to the working moderator, the lead moderator or to So many people do it like this, I don't understand why some players are still not able to follow this simple rule. And if your defense is good or you show clearly that you are aware of your mistake, we often reduce the length of a ban.
But here's my answer now:

Referring to other cases is not useful most of the time. But short statement to the decision in the cause Alisa Bosconovitch: Most of the reports had absolutely no point in it. We investigated this. Destin. also worked this out. The decision was made as a team. We also take into account e.g. history of players. Feel free to ask us for further reasons why a ban lasting "just" one week was given in this case. Destin. and me will answer your questions on discord or on private messages.

But now I will answer on topic (2) mainly, as (1) has no further input.
First, I'm absolutely with you that changing items in the last second is poor behaviour and it was also punished in the past. Anyway, I got no proof till now for this. I can't say that the items were changed in the last second. And if so, you still have 5 seconds to see that.
But now the reason why your appeal will not reconsider my decision, but I will forward the case to Destin., maybe he sees this different:
Nick says 

Spoiler: Highlight to view
it was practically impossible to kill 1v1 and i didn't want to suicide or else that'd be letting the other player win on purpose so we got  past the 11 minute mark and could go  through lines so i didn't want to suicide in the wall as that would be helping Sinnoh for points which is actually cheating and i got a ban for a 30minute round. I didn't break a single rule and was trying to win the game.
You say, you both "started to backfire by giving them a taste of their own medicine", after that you refer how good you are and so on. Then "we decided to troll back". In the video that was given to me, you clearly were not attacking each other, neither you were trying to create serious trouble for your partner (I can't say opponent here) by e.g. taking more than 2 redspeed. You did that fully on purpose as 1. you were aware of the 11 minutes (you were counting down the time) and 2. you asked each other to do this again.

Like I said in the beginning, we often reduce bans when the defense is good or the player(s) regret their behaviour. You, as champions and kind of role models for the game, are not showing both. Your defense is mainly contradictory in my opinion and your regrets mainly consists of referring to other cases or players. Also your history is not really mitigating.

This case will not longer be mine and is forwarded to Destin.