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Almost 3 year member back again!!!

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Almost 3 year member back again!!!

Was recently watching Sodapoppin ( play this game on stream and it reminded me of this game which I played this time 3 years ago. This game now apparently has a 3rd version, which is brilliant!

I loved playing this game back in the day, however, forgot it existed to this day, I'm back and very glad I found this game again so I can get curving again Smile

PS. Can somebody give me the rundown of what has changed in the past 3 years of the game cause I kinda remember how to play the older version of the game but there must have been changes somewhere down the line ...



Nothing's changed.


sorry dude I was salty yesterday.

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Hey DaveyBoyz!

There were no significant changes made in Curve Fever 2. You can find some minors in the "News" section (
For example custom presets :
Also, the cost of premium rooms :

For one year, the intern team was more focused on Curve Fever 3, by the way you can the new forum which will be the official one in the future ( Presently, the developers are hard working on the production of a new version of Curve Fever. You can find a state of Curve Fever under this CF3 forum topic :

Don't hesitate if you have any questions :)

Best regards,