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Hi, I created this account today as my first account got stolen,couse of my mistake.

Guy came in with a story that he can buy me premium, so I thought why not give it a shot (gave him my password, stupid, yes), he can´t do anithing that could harm me. His name is ´´Kuba985´´ (not 100% sure about hte numbers in the name, and he is in a clan, can´t remeber the name of clan). My account (which he stole is named Iron_Maiden93, I had it for a long time, got lava and white colours and an Eye of Horus icon. I´d like to know if somebody can trace that acc (and maybe get it back) somehow (username can´t be changed, right?). 

ffa eu nr. 13
1v1 eu top 3.7%
team eu top 3.9%
Clan: bie

You decided to risk toward someone you didn't know and the blame is on yourself. All we can recommend is NEVER to share password with anyone else. 

Also information like this should be sent to and not on the forums. Topic will be closed.

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