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Account sharing - A closer view

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Account sharing - A closer view

Hello everyone!

We noticed that since the introduction of the account sharing rule, in May, some players still have questions.You can read the complete rule below this more in depth clarification. With this post being released we hope that players will understand this rule better. The rule has been active since May but we will strongly enforce it from now on. If you have any questions, feel free to contact support or a community moderator.


1. To start, account sharing is NOT allowed. We will obviously see the difference between you playing on a school network or you spreading an account.

2. There is NO good excuse to share an account with someone. This means you can't let someone use your account because you go on vacation or to play in a tournament.

3. CF Support is allowed to deny giving you support when you shared an account or gifted it. We will not be able to verify the real owner.

4. When someone else uses your account and breaks rules,  the rulebreaking account will be banned, no matter who played.

5. Last but not least, when account sharing goes out of control or we believe there has been serious rule breaking.. we are allowed to take action. This may be a ban or ip-ban. (temp or perm)


The complete rule:

Do not share your accounts

Do not share your accounts with other users. you are responsible for your own accounts. If someone else breaks the rules using your account, you will be held accountable. As an extension of this, we do not support accounts that you may have received from other users, in the broadest sense of the term. This includes, but is not limited to: accounts you purchased or were gifted to you. If you acquired an account from someone else, in any which way, we can not help you in the event of loss or theft. If we conclude that your account is being used by many different users, you risk permanent account removal. In extreme cases, this could lead to a permanent IP ban.

Addition: this rule has been released in May 2018