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4 v 4 tourny - dream team

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4 v 4 tourny - dream team

Who wants to join me on becoming champ?

Vito... †'s picture
ffa eu nr. 94
1v1 eu nr. 2
team eu nr. 7
Clan: Bye

What is your main account bro?

The Godfather <3

Clan: Boss

I could if you buy me premium Smile

Fluaz †'s picture
ffa eu top 3.3%
1v1 eu top 52%
team eu top 42%

I believe Hibernica is Xantiv and maybe I can be with you.. Idk, I might be with someone else.

- Ivan


Spoiler: Highlight to view

FFA - 1662

Team - 1710

1v1 - 1558 

ffa eu top 3%
team eu top 6.4%
Clan: Lvr

i'd love to but too nub

ffa eu top 1.7%
1v1 eu top 4.4%
team eu top 4%
Clan: KOLL

You know, the sign up topic also includes players who search a team, you don’t need an extra topic.



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