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2nd accounts rank buff

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Clan: Jeff
2nd accounts rank buff

I see every day so many new 2nd accounts with for example 9 plays 100%win 1600rank

I think no1 rlly wants to play against them. So I suggest a buff so for 1st week you can't get higher rank then 1300

and raise it with 100 or 150 or 200 every week

the real new players will never reach 1300 in either ffa team or 1v1 in 1week

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Clan: Blub

Exactly, they will never reach it. So why stop real players from getting to their true rank quickly? Low-ranked players don't want to be stuck playing with pro players. And don't forget that older players come back to play after deleting their accounts - do you want to force them away forever?


Maybe there can be some other protection against smurf accounts.  I cant think of one though

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Clan: vS

They will get his rank back in several games. If they are over 1800 or more its not really a problem, cuz higher ranks aren't to beat easily. Problem solved ^^


Sie zerkratzen meinen Lack, aber niemals mein Ego


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Or cf could just make it impossible to register an account with a fake email...

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Clan: ZONE

Stop crying because you lost against second accounters, the rule is simple : avoid them.
Anyways, what the hell is this global hypocrisy? Everyone has had or still has another account and blame the others for the same purpose?
Nice try though.

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john97800 on 15 May, 2015 - 13:32


Isn't that more a debuff you're suggesting?