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10 Players Room(Request)

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10 Players Room(Request)

Now that would be fun.Please make it haooen for Premium accounts :)

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white and gray are good color. (to add)

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where do I sign?

I S R A E L wrote:

white and gray are good color. (to add)

I think white and black are better.

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black? on a black background?

Didn't think about that.

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I suspect that with 10 plrs the game would be laggy as hell. You have to consider hardware limitations espacially with flash.

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There is a reason why we have limited ourselves to 8 players.
Now that the game is evolving more and more, however, we may reconsider on raising the player limit.

10 players would be the maximum, the room that you have in the game is restricted and 8 player games are already slightly annoying with spac.
Also, adding more players to the game doesn't mean a better playing experience (alsosome of you guys may expect more is better... it is not here)

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white + purple