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1 vs 1

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1 vs 1

Geert            Vs              MOKO


Geert i send u a challange 


30 august

12:00 polish time...

no cheating

only 1 winner

if i win i make a new game bassed on your idea  and u give me back all script of that game

if i loose i will make u public BlowJob

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ffa eu nr. 33
1v1 america top 9.7%
team eu nr. 47
Clan: Mod



if u are real creator of that game listen to me !!

today at 15:45  you made shi tty update

so many players was soo pisssed off and nervous

rooms was broken, buttons like ready or start game are totally broken

i dont know now even how to start game

i had some problems to login on this acc cuz i forgot i made password with CapsLock - this is btw..

Ok what is going on...

today i saw like player made strike in the room and screaming give me geert i wanna see him now and tell him nice words straight to his face into eyes... cuz i am protector or all players here against bad moderators I decide to give u challange !!



12:15  o'clock polish time

if i win u will had  to apologize all players and make this game more peacfull by giving me more qualifications and right's in this game..

if i loose i will make private  ga y dance for u in ur private room ofc naked and with whipped cream 

if u take up challange call me pls maybe it will be crazy my sweety baby

in honour of all player i will fight and beat geert !!! 

no more fake moron admins i beat him and i will ban him forever

geert preper for long vacation !!

i am defender


that what u did with buttons - u know we cant put ready or unready it is biggest troll ever in that game

u will be punished for that trolling... NIE MA TAKIEGO BICIA SYNEK KONIEC IMPREZY

end of fun geert i have 4 dogs and 1 cat and 1 of my dogs now have 5 small doggs so cute but i must kill them in next week..

oh so sad ..