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Hardcore Thinners! wins the October Tournament!

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Hardcore Thinners! wins the October Tournament!

Hey guys,

So my first hosted tournament for CF is over and we’ve got 4 champions!

Congratulations to Hardcore Thinners! for winning the October 4vs4 none tournament. Simka121, Hardcore speed (oldghz), Purr. (snakeysa) and Velin Valentine (Haru) were brilliant during the tournament, ending 1st every tour rounds.

Also congratulations to the runner up Monsters who finished 2nd and TekNeek who terminated 3rd!

A special thanks to the recorder stormfalcon, who streamed the whole tournament! (Watch here: and some people who helped me in organizing the tournament! :P

• Final at 02:56:00

We are currently talking about hosting 2 tournaments per month again! Let us know what you think about, with a comment below.

Happy Curving,

Meechy Darko

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2 tournament in one month is great! Do it, it will bring back many old players I-m so happy

- Ivan


Spoiler: Highlight to view

FFA - 1662

Team - 1710

1v1 - 1558 

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Congratulations to Hardcore Thinners, but we got 0 new champions if u explained to use who they were. Snakeysa won tour before, Haru too, and old too or we got just 3 new acc champions Blum 3 And idea 2 tournament in 1 month is great for me too.

The Godfather <3


Having one tournament a month is totally enough. Too many tournaments (many of them will be just random or useless items) just makes it too easy becoming a Champion  which no longer will be a special thing on Curve Fever 2.  Keep it like it used to be since the very beginning


Only 11 teams played last tournament, which means 44 players. Thats the average of participant in tournament now, so i dont think 2 tournaments in a month will be a good idea. It will be always the same participants and probably always the same winners I-m so happy


I prefer more 1v1 and FFA tournament if there will be 2 tournaments in every month and leave the team tournament because 11 teams wasn't alot. 2 champions in every month will be better.

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Clan: Bye

Its obviously that in tour FFA will sign up 80% more people than in tournaments teams, 1v1 depends imo. In tour FFA u dont need a teammates so u can sign up if u want try to play in tour, in team if u got strong team most people wont sign up even, cuz they didnt get really chance to win. Last tour was 4v4, in tour like that u need 4 good players + it isnt so easy to find a teammates. If it would be 2v2 or 3v3 I think more people would sign up, so I prefer 2v2 and 3v3 in teams mostly, 1v1 is k but not so much items possible to play for that, most of tournaments should be FFA.

The Godfather <3

ffa eu top 0.8%
1v1 eu nr. 70
team eu top 12%
Clan: TBU

this video is bad u cant even see the final clearly