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Moderators role and helpers

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Moderators role and helpers

Dear curvers,

The staff team has recently welcomed 3 new moderators as some of you may have noted :

Meechy Darko : Tournament Moderator for CF2
> he presented himself here :

Wolkenstern : Tournament Moderator for CF3
> he presented himself here :

TheImam : Ingame Moderator  (he will manage abusive language and live bad behaviors in addition of TheGordon's role)

You can find a description of the moderators role under this topic which has been updated :
You will notice there are also some helpers, more particulary chat helpers.

In the next weeks, we will talk about the need of getting new moderators for boosting the community entertainment. Some questions will feed the talk. Do we need new moderator(s) for an existing role ? Do we need new moderator(s) for a new role ? Should we alleviate the recruitment process for specific roles ? All suggestions are welcome about the possible new roles.

Best regards,
The Curve Fever staff


Destin asked me to write a bit about myself. Many people already know me as a relative of Geert. I fully support him and this game, and think it's important to increase the visibility of moderators and to be present. It's nice to see people improve their behavior as soon as you join a room.

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It would be nice to get an edit of the moderators listed below each forumsection at the mainsite. Except TheGordon at cheatersection there are just old mods listed that are not part of the team anymore.

Also jezevec10 is missing at this topic as he is still mod.

And for the introduction, the new mods could add themself to the "Our team"- page.



My time:

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Very nice.

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