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Curve Olympics (Unofficial)

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Curve Olympics (Unofficial)

Hello fellow curvers! 

We are getting closer to the time of the year, where the Curve Olympics are normally held. Since 2014, many players have participated this event, with the chance of winning special titles and many prizes.  However, due to the fact that no announcements have been made for an official Curve Olympic, I have decided together with a friend to host an unofficial one during next month. We are aware that most unofficial tournaments are not being taken seriously by the community, since the majority of them do not offer prices on the table and lack of efficient planning. We have gained experience due to this observation, which is why most of the planning is in check, moreover the prizes: 

1st place will receive both 1 year premium and 5k coins
2nd place will win either 1 year premium or 12k coins
3rd place will get 3 months premium and 2k coins
4th place will win 3 months premium or 5.5k coins
5th – 8th place will get 2k coins

We have also decided to give out prices randomly 6-7 times, just for people participating. So you have a chance to win 2k coins solely by your effort.

There’s still some details that we are open for suggestions, such as the time which the tournaments take place, and the tournament items. What we have in mind is that the tournaments should take place around 22:00 CEST or 23:00 CEST .Would that be reasonable? 

Now to the items, here’s what we have in mind: 
Round 1 will occur in 3 nights, and it will contain of different 1v1 games such as none, switch, green speed, reverse, thin, basic, corner and blue walls. It’ll end off with an 8FFA Special game. 

Round 2 will occur in 2 nights, and it will contain of different 1v1 games as well, with the items: Reverse&Switch, blue walls and none. And two FFA games, where one of them will be Red Speed and the other one None. 

Round 3 will occur in 2 nights, and it will contain of 8FFA Green Speed and 1v1 Green speed. Then other 8FFA games like Red corner&Reverse&Red Speed combined and Thin&Corner, and one 6FFA Basic game. Furthermore, 1v1 games with the items blue walls and Thin&Corner. 

Round 4 will occur in two nights, and it will contain of 1v1 games with the items Reverse&Green eraser, Thin&Fat&Blue eraser and none. Moreover FFA games with the items blue walls, closing wall, blue eraser and basic. 

Round 5 will occur in two nights, and it will contain of 1v1 games with the items Green Speed, Red corner&Reverse and none, and FFA games with the items Green Corner, Thin and Special. 

There are also Play-offs after end of every round, that would be one game- 1v1 None or Basic FFA , that would decide with who will you end up in next Round.
This is elimination tournament, everyone who sign up would play Round1, but every next round are about half less players left. In Round 3 there would be 4 groups with 12 people, and every player would play one 1v1 game and 3 FFA games. Round 5 is made for 8 best players of tournament.

Remember, this tournament is about having fun! Respect each other, and please show up to the matches if you have signed up. 

Further information about this event, including exact dates and sign up, will be posted in sign up topic, we will make it when we see enough interested players for the tournament. Please let us know if you are interested in this tournament, leave a comment or add me in-game.
We hope many of you guys will participate, and we are excited to host this tournament. 

Clan: JSJP

I'm in!

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I'm in

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ffa eu top 5.2%
Clan: BBB

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