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Why don't people fair?

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Why don't people fair?

Hi. My name is Lizad and i'm here to discuss why people don't fair. 

1) It's because they aren't friendly.

2) They're not knowing how to play properly.

Please make fair for everyone so it is fair to play in fair teams. For instance; 4v4, a person disconnected then it's 4v3. If the other team decides to not fair, they'll get like reported for a warning sign I think and plus if you fair, the opponents you facing will be your friend and then you can play with them. 

Thanks for your time.


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Curve Fever is literally the only game I know where people make the game fair when someone from the opponent team is unable to play.

In League of Legends, Dota, Counter-Strike, Overwatch etc. no one gives a shit about doing fair. If a player from the enemy team stops playing they will just continue to play like nothing ever happened and crush the enemy. I think this is how it also should be in Curve Fever, because it's only your fault if you start a game and leave (the reason doesn't matter). You don't deserve to win that game and it's just kinda stupid if the others lose because they have to make fair. If you can't play because of lags then it's again your problem and not the problem of anyone else.


I wasn't the one to leave, but my friend did because he had to go. But the other team still needs to fair.


none have to do it cf is sick about it xd... its so stupid u can lose becuase making fair cmon...

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When you join the game u came to play not to fair. Its not the opposite team their responsibility if your mate leaves the game. And not all players are playing the games for fun, a lot of them play it to win too. 

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First of all, fair-play is different for each individual. Many do it. Many do not. Personally, I rarely do fair-play. I do not expect fair play from other players. In my opinion, it makes no sense if a player (for example 1300 rank) leaves the room and another player (for example 1700 rank) should make fair-play for this player. This is nothing else than a weakening of the opposing team. Suppose there are now two players with the rank 1250 in a room. You could say, that such a player should then make fair play all the time. Silly only that this player at the end of the game then deducted just as much rank as the Leaver. Also no option. My recommendation: Start a game only if you know you got the time, and do not throw the towel after 2 minutes.

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Ever seen a player making fair during a soccer game because player of opponent team is injured and can't play for x minutes?

Nope. But meh besides that I also do fair especially when the opponent has no chance.