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Poland win the CF World Cup!

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Poland win the CF World Cup!

Hi all!

The Curve Fever World Cup has ran its course and we can officially say that Poland are the champions of Curve Fever 2! Captained by MrPiter and baszu they just made it ahead of 2nd place Croatia, who made a brave fightback under the leadership of Kizza00232Jera and ZenGa91. Congratulations to team Poland. 

What does this mean?

Well, this means that a new colour will be coming to CF2 - the colours of the Poland flag! All players who contributed to Poland's victory will get it for free in their inventory, while anyone else who wants to use it will be able to buy it using coins. 

Some other congratulations

First of all, congratulations to theRealMadridcf of Finland for winning the world cup FFA event. He gave Finland a fighting chance but they were overpowered in the end. Secondly, congratulations to Italy who won the world cup team/1v1 event. Their performance here secured 3rd place in the overall leaderboard with captain Pug. Although Poland won with their combined performance, we have to say well done to the winners of the individual events!

Lastly, the best player of the CF World Cup (excluding captains) was ßokki of Croatia! He was a major part in obtaining 1/3 of all of Croatia's points, which was a huge contribution. Well done ßokki!

A huge thank you to the country captains

It was a difficult tournament to run the way it did, but it couldn't have been done without the help of the players who volunteered to lead their country in the CF World Cup. They did a really fantastic job of finding players and organising matches against the other countries. The moderators would like to thank all of them (and also the players too as without them we wouldn't be able to have such an event).

All captains received a reward in coins for their efforts. But who was the best captain? Well, we couldn't decide really. In the end there were 4 captains who stood out for us, having been there for every single match with their team. Those were Italy's Pug., Croatia's Kizza00232Jera, Czech Republic's Mag001, Turkey's fikocan and Finland's theRealMadridcf. For their amazing contribution and team spirit they will be rewarded with an in-game title, telling everyone that they are their country's captain.

But...what about MrPiter and baszu?? Well, they organised the winning country. They will receive a super special title! Congratulations to both of you. 

Final thanks

Again, thank you to all of the players and the captains. I also want to thank the moderators for helping me with the running of the world cup. And I also want to thank Geert in advance for when the special prizes are created. Without the developers we wouldn't be able to give you such things!


Well done Poland. We will also look into getting a nice title for the winning players but I can't promise that unfortunately. We will see what happens.

Thanks all <3

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POLAND !!! <3




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I got idea, give us FLAG ICON (Poland flag) insted of titles ^^ --> my mind is mooh

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Wow! Epic. Poland <3!

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I think that we should get tag : champion of the world snajpek- joined the game such as captains something else with no captian or something , super championship thanks to all ! and icon flag poland think be good , and tag idk what , 
but I think that we deserve tag Ty all :) 



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Congratz Poland for winning the world cup, and congratz Italy for taking 3rd place!

Cute words Alan and thank you for everything, thanks everybody for participating and especially thanks for my brave and loyal mates, proud on you!

There is only one small country with people full of heart and professionalism who still can show something great, no matter of lose, we are here, we are fighting till the end with full of powers, it's CROATIA! <3

I'm gonna have tears in my eyes, so emotional. :'(

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No kur =)


omg im so proud  of my country how can i unlock this colour?

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It's not available yet, but once it is you will be able to purchase it for coins!

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Well played


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hahaha poland's flag is like Turkey's flag same colour :D


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first nice to see you again owsla I won't ever forget those eyes xx

You know I almost cried when I read this because in all my 2 years of playing this game and when I started playing at 15 (lololol) these players earning in-game titles is my highlight. Yea it has nothing to do with me (woops) but I am so proud of you fikocan. Like just thinking about it makes me want to cry. Just watching you all the time with Kuci and knowing how much you've inspires me. I know I can do what you've just done. And you represented the most beautiful country in the world Turkey.

Mrpiter I am so proud of you too. I love watching you play and I'm too happy that you managed your team this way and won. Our friendship is one of the few things I value on this game. I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK FOR ALL FUTURE TOURNAMENTS XX

therealmadridcf you inspire me because you never gave up unlike many people I know. You proved you don't need a crowd to win anything. Just yourself, some love and a little hope. Thank you.

I want to say this tournament was a lot of fun. Although I was banned twice for voicing my opinion and lost a few friends during this tournament (because that's just the way things are) I made new ones and helped my own country win - something I usually do not do.

And I loved how every player could take part. It didn't matter which rank you had or if you owned a premium membership. And I want to see more things like this. Not just on curve fever.

Lastly, congratulations Poland. One love.

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Congarts Poland :)

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I dont rly like this tournament idea for 1st some ppl just dont have a good country to win this so they have no chance to win world cup, u gave ppl champion titles, for 1st  2/3 countries???? and then u took it away?????? Why only captains are champions now like for example Mrpiter didnt play a lot of games and didnt carry it at all he called himself polish team captain( it's just an example the idea of giving all players those titles was rly bad but this...), it's not rly fair and yeah champion title became a not rly special thing to achieve in this game 

Best Regards.

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When can the color we bought?

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When will the new color be out?

All report Tranquility. .

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That's peruvian flag :v

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You can now use the Polish colours!

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I'm dissapointed to say that this new color which supposed to be our flag colours is rather an indonesian flag...

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Why is it have Indonesia Colors!!?? It should be WHITE AND RED! I'm so dissapointed...