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Join our team - apply now!

Hi everyone,

Due to other commitments Marloesvr is unable to run Saturday tournaments any more :( So the Curve Fever team seek a new tournament moderator

What is needed?

Be free on the last Saturday of each month to help run official tournaments.
Have the will to improve the community.
Be able to contact the mod/staff team regularly over Skype.
Proficiency in the English language.

Could this be you? Then we would like to hear from you! 

How to apply?

Send a private message to me, Depp. In your application we would like you to tell us:

Your name and age.
Why you want to be the new tournament mod.
What you think about the current tournaments.

We look forward to hearing from you all :)

Kind regards,

The Curve Fever team


PS: Marloesvr won't be leaving the mod team as she has done excellent work for the team and still has motivation to work with us. We think it would be better for her to be re-assigned as a forum mod with the added role of "the fun mod". What is a fun mod, you ask? Well this would mean organising little mini-events during the week instead of just a monthly tournament. It could be a quiz maybe? Or a 'challenge the mods' night? Who knows! We look forward to seeing what she can come up with.

PS2: Thank you, Marloes! You did a great job. It was a pleasure for me, to work with you :)

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neinnnn marlo bestie. puhh remco still screwed me from this job ;)

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A naked ninja has no place to hide his weapons

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Let me. I ban good. 

Ted, my best friend...

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Hello staff from Curve Fever, I will be able to be online every last Saturday of the month and of course more times. I am too very interrested in the freelancer C# Programming job to develop the new CF, I live in Tilburg (North-Brabant) but I am not able to full time work in Breda, but I can work at home!



Nederlands (Dutch):

Hallo personeel van Curve Fever, ik ben in staat om elke laatste zaterdag van de maan online te komen en natuurlijk ook in mijn vrije tijd. Ik ben ook geïntereseerd in de freelancer C# baan om het nieuwe online spel CF3 te ontwikkelen, ik woon zelf in Tilburg maar ben niet in staat full-time te werken, thuis kan ik er wel aan werken. 


Lars C***, 14 Jaar


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Hi fishdick013, I think you posted at the wrong topic.

Here is the topic you are probably lookinh for :


Maderator Alan joined the room


Spoiler: Highlight to view


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Maderator Alan joined the room


Spoiler: Highlight to view


FFA : 2079 / TEAM : 2038 / 1v1 1700

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Can You Read PM Pls? Oh and my reason is that this is an epic game and i can ban without fear


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Hi guys,

Unfortunately things have been put on hold because Depp is unable to be here at the moment. We will get back to you as soon as we can.



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