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I become a pro player today

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I become a pro player today


today, it is mean on Tuesdas, I become a pro player of CF. I played at work today and during this time I earned around 7€. I am very rich now and if some woman want to have a rich boyfriend I am here. My phone numer is 0903 948 850. Girls which are able to do everything for money is not problem for me, because I have lots of money now. Common people think, that money are source of all evil, but rich people knows, that all evil comes because poor peole just exist.


btw, Nicolette321 if you are reading this topic, call me, I want to make you rich!!! Just you :X


this is me at work, I use to work in eclipse or android studio, I am working on big system for slovak farmers. They can save all information about their animlas. Lots of useful information about chicken and cows, sheep...

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No kidddin' -.-
This is height of absurdity....


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This isnt funny at al... ._.

If you think, you are a ' rich ' man, with your 2 monitors that you want to show to everyone, then the answer is : NO.


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Rich Man *_* 


@Respect  :)

get rich or die tryin

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this is not my monitors, it is monitors at my job, or work

Mam rad rockovu hudbu.Zo sportou som hral florbal a futbal, len rekreacne.V skole mam priemerne vysledky.Na VS opakujem treti rocnik.Hladam si zamestnanie, aj partnerku.Podporujem celosvetovy mier a prava zien.Politika ma nezaujima.



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