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New sale, Rainbow color now half the price!

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New sale, Rainbow color now half the price!

The rainbow color is on sale this week, starting today, the 17th of May!

Buy the rainbow skin and support the International Day Against Homophobia by rocking their symbol in game: the rainbow! 

Go to the store and get it before the sale ends this Friday.

The International Day Against Homophobia is a yearly event happening every 17th of May in support of the gay community.

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When do the straight get an international day?

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Seqec. wrote:

When do the straight get an international day?

When they will be the most hated minority due to their sexual orientation.

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Strange reason for sale days D


Sie zerkratzen meinen Lack, aber niemals mein Ego


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Make it 1000 coins and I buy it ;)

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Momo wrote:

most hated minority due to their sexual orientation.


If multisexual transtransgender people read this they will disagree.

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oh boy. 750 coins, im not gonna get this >.<

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No homo my friend !

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gj mods, but would be nice make promo till next sunday(1 week). I played 4 or 5 days non stop for get rasta(+ 1400 coins), but now i think will be imposible make 1900 coins in 5 days.

Momo, did u give prem to someone or u just trolled? i mean this topic

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Pretty cool idea.

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I agree with sasha, shouldn't this be a week long not 5 days?

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I like the rainbow-color but it's not nice to insult all fans of the rainbow-color as a gay :D

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Vogelfreund on 18 May, 2015 - 01:30

Time for halfe price Silver&Candy


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Ha gay ! Nice, but have it already :( 

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my coment is removed , why? i didnt course. I can say my opinion, right? or no? this is apsurdly. Discrimination of normal thinking. 

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Your comment was unpublished for the exact reason you got in your email. It has nothing to do with the current topic you posted it in.

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i dont use that mail anymore i forgot password, can u send me reason in pvt message?