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Is Your creativity forum "history"?

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Is Your creativity forum "history"?

I think i'm not the only person who noticed this. There are only a few new icon suggestions in last half year and sometimes there was just one week where we had more Icon suggestion then in this half year.

The next point is, that we don't have a Moderator anymore for this section and i don't see any movement anymore.

It's now around half year ago that i suggested some icons(for example for CF TV crew or for CR DJ's) and i got at this time a answer from geert, that i should speak about this with Moderator of this forum, and 2 months ago he wanted to make new batch any day, but nothing was done.

So i ask Geert and the other Moderators:

"When will come some movement in this section again???"

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The movements are indeed not very visible outside (on your side), but I can insure there are many internal movements. At the moment, the developers are spending many time to restructure (optimizing) the code to make new updates more rapidly, that's why there is no concrete change.

From the moderators side, we are making an overall statement of the 2014 year and we discuss our priorities for 2015. A new forum moderator will be soon selected (or maybe two because it's very hard to decide), to improve the communication between the community and the moderators/developers, under the forum.

About this section, I take a note about your demands. You are right, it's a long time we don't have seen new icons. Since the developers have made a new addition to give more importance to the icons, I think it would be nice if we bring back some activity over here.

Thanks for sharing your feelings about that! 

Best wishes

~Keep Calm & Relax