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Icons update

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long story short: very nice update, I like all of it except the icons. But all the rest is very good, thanks for the good work! So to summarize: all good, just remove icons.

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I have another option which  will be a good solution too: You only see the icons when you (and everyone else on your keyboard) is dead.

OMG!!! It's Over 9000!!! (ms lag)

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I love this update hihi *o*


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Icon is not shown when you crash on top wall.
Also only half icon is shown when you crash on left/right wall

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Being worked on ;) im also making it less blocking if it covers a hole

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I liked it more when icons was vertical... looked better ;c

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Thanks for updating this again mr.Shadow, it looks much better now that the icons are greyish :) gj!

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Were some icons also increased in price?
was saving up for the bunny :c

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What for to work and spend time on update we players don`t need? Don`t need at all! May be modes will ask us before implementing an update?

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SuperSuka on 26 December, 2014 - 09:49