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More lags after update.

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More lags after update.

      From day to day i got more and more lags than earlier, help me :'(


Proof 1:


Proof 2:


Proof 3:


Proof 4:


Proof 5

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Pictures 2,3 and 4 are clear example of bad internet :)

Take a look first at before you publish such an easy stats

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Hi Pv0,

I am sorry, but what droplet wrote is right. Your (wireless?) internet is bad. Take a look in this topic to get some hints on how to improve your internet, but the best thing  you can do, is to plug in a wired connection:


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Clan: sC


I think light green is my internet and red is servers...

Thank you for help and answer.

Now, I use that and i don't have lags:

Please, close topic :)

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