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Team games & colors

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Team games & colors

Hello I wanted to ask - why can be rasta color only in hot team and purple only in coo.l team? and rainbow can be in both teams ?? (idk about white)

cant you make it to both teams ? because it makes me angry when I play clan challenge and cannot play with rasta because we are in coo.l team... its wasted 5000 coins then.. :( 


So my suggestion is to let all purchasable colors playing in teams they want :) 

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White = Team Hot
Purple = Team Cool
Rasta = Team Hot
Rainbow = Team Hot & Cool

I don't really see the problem.
Just buy Purple + Rasta.

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I see the problem because i can't play with my purple friend...

I don't really see the problem about fixing it -.-

Clan: sigh

Hot colors are close to each other, so are c00l colors. That's why purple is c00l and white and rasta are hot. Though in my opinion, white should be like rainbow, playable in every team, rasta in hot and purple in c00l.

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 it´s discrimination of Purple BANANORPION...

white ''in both'' and purple onlly in cool :-/


White is only in team hot. also in team cool as a mix with blue and cyam ( arctic)
purple also in team hot as rainbow. :) :) :)