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Reintroducing myself

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Reintroducing myself

Hi everybody!

Some of you might know me as "The Intern" or Martijn Imhoff. Last year I was doing an internship at Curve Fever, during which I have made the Curve Wall, but the internship has finished and I started working at Curve Fever, for reals :D

So, it felt natural to change my old name into my real gaming name, which is HeLiX WaVe. Well, let me tell you something about myself. I am 21 years old. I live in eindhoven. I love to design stuff. In my spare time I enjoy boardsports and gaming (I really like hack and slash games). And you could wake me up in the middle of the night for a bowl of noodles!

In februari I will start with the master of Industrial Design, but until then I will help Geert to make Curve Fever as awesome as possible. 

See you around!

HeLiX WaVe

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Nice work on the new design

Looking forward to awesome changes in the future from you :)

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Thanks Incred,

I have to say that the website is not designed by me. It was designed by Pavel. I think he will be very happy with your comment. 

I'll be working on improving Curve Fever as a whole, for instance by setting up platforms to have better contact with the players. Or by organising trips to events. Currently I'm trying to get a spot on Firstlook (A game con in the Netherlands).

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Re-welcome it is then. Good luck at your new job mate.

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Good luck. I hope that you will be good mod ad improve game. Are new colors coming? :D

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Welcome & Good Luck ;)