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Hole rating

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Hole rating

Like you all know,
there's a rating for power ups.

You can choose how many power ups you want to spawn up in the game, 0-100%.

Now I was thinking about a hole rating, so you can use a 0-100% rating for holes too.
So you can have many holes, or even no holes.


What do you think?

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Clan: IMOG

NICEEE specially no holes is nice that is like testing your REAL skills and no lucky holes

Clan: KOLL

i think it would be complete different without holes and so it would need a lot of training. because if there arent holes its only a camper game. you start at a point make your camp, next round. i think then the skills to use hard ways and hard holes get lost



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Clan: A

The chees icon is for more holes and i think with less holes it is rly hard cos u dont have ways

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Clan: sigh

The game would be too much different..

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Clan: tySt

Without no holes, a game is pretty much decided by where you spawn.

What's deciding the win in a 1v1 game is basically what angle & location you and your opponent spawns at. Therefore, a game like this needs luck (holes) in order to keep it competitive.

This way, what's the deciding factor in a 1v1 game, is what you do with the holes.This is basically how you play 1v1. If you spawn on a shity location/angle, you wait for a hole to show up anywhere on the map. With 1 single hole, you can juke and outplay your opponent.

Yes this is luck, but luck is needed on a game like this. Else it's unplayable because you cannot decide the location that you'll spawn at

It's a good idea tho', but let's say if the current hole rating is at 75%, then the game would be almost unplayable with 30% or less in hole rating in competitive play

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team america top 98%
Clan: AR

yes but if this idea will be accepted, u have to clear the cheese item and creat a new item he will be useless


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Clan: V

Very nice idea, but, cheese item will be useless

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Skatefun wrote:

Very nice idea, but, cheese item will be useless

Cheese item works only when you touch it, not the whole game long.

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Clan: BOT

I vote against. Yes, holes can be very annoying, especially on some moments, but without them this would be so boring. The thing Anubis was pointing out about 1v1 also goes for FFA and team. You've all seen it: FFA where someone starts at the wall around 1/3, makes no holes and end up having like a quarter of the map camp or 4v4 team where 3 people have good spawn locations close to eachother and close half the map instantly because they don't make holes for a few seconds. Plus without holes you also can't escape if you're boxed in. 

It's good the way it is. You now already make too many or too few sometimes. If you want more, play with cheese on. If you want less, go play alone and practice camping, because that's exactly what the game will be without holes. 

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Clan: COP

Dude its already hard to find decent playmode. Dont make it so different. Rooms will start slower (making room and waiting for players who want play this setting).

Might work when game reaches enough activity on premiumrooms. But too far from now.

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team america top 9.2%
Clan: HC

Yeaaa nice

Clan: 69

It is bad idea cuzz we cant play without holes.


NOWODNY2 wrote:

 because if there arent holes its only a camper game. you start at a point make your camp, next round. i think then the skills to use hard ways and hard holes get lost

Yes :S

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