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Shitty moments on CurveFever

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Shitty moments on CurveFever

In this topic you post all day shit moments that happend in matches, for example:


Having a huge camp and having too close it 5 times and yet it isnt closed with 5 holes while there is no space for your camp left.

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Dying and then someone picks up an eraser half a second later xD



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Someone takes ereaser, I'll just turn around --> are the lines still there, but invisible sad

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Going on Forums and see a shitty topic like this.

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When you have someone trapped and he is about too die when lagg hits and he jumps over -_-

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When you play a game and win and get +10 rank or so, than do a rematch against the same guys and get -30 rank :(

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when you play with low ranked firends just for fun and then the servers hate you(slow connection+lost connection) and you lose a lot of rank



My time:

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when im too stupid to realise than unranked ffa is still ranked and i keep losing and i wonder why i go down :(:(



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