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Chaos_2_Win won the Allround December Tournament

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Chaos_2_Win won the Allround December Tournament



In a great tournament, both FFA and TEAM as a discipline, Chaos_2_Win entered the semi-finals with a wildcard and he used it wisely ! Chaos_2_win won the Allround December 2013 Tournament!  

When everyone predicted at the very end therealmadridcf or mimikilltdich would win, chaos_2_win made a huge comeback and won by tiebreaks !

He won over mimikilltdich, therealmadridcf, phew, fire, shibzel, shinkansen and chridon!

See his matchresults here:


Congrats chaos_2_win ! 

Dev&Mod Team

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Will there be a video of the match?


Yes, soon.


We're sorry that we couldn't offer any livestreams this time. We sure do next tournament !

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Congrats chaos! wp lad

Was chaos wild card really? I should get wild card not chaos cause im not premium. And i mean really did you mean wild card? He wasnt just Lucky Loser?

1v1 america top 46%
team america top 8.4%
Clan: sC

congrats chaos! :)

sC in 1st and 2nd position ! :)

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Just 1 lucker.

Nothing special.


Anyway gj chaos, first player to give me chance to play in high ranked rooms in his team :d always knew you havent lost your skill.

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Clan: Sage

Well Done Chaos


All Excistince on earth will be crushed. By The Hands Of. Me

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Clan: NUM1

congratz chaos...


ps. it was not a great tournament

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Clan: GG

Nice Chaos you deserved it :)

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ffa america nr. 21
1v1 america top 13%
team america nr. 5

well done Chaos!

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gj Chaos :) rly nice


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Clan: BooM

Chaos.. so lucky and good player ;) Second place for Rasta ;) GJ man ;)!!

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Clan: 2e

So the way I played till now was completely wrong, I should camp at 1 spot and just wait for all the rest to die. That's not fun at all. You don't even need multiplayer for this, make a singleplayer game in which time is your score (number of seconds you stay alive for). This is lame!


People use diferent tactics, and while game is without items, there isnt much you can do, besides camping.

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Well done!

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