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Tournament champions

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Tournament champions


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February 2018 FFA tournament champion: LuckyRalf

January (#2) 2018 4vs4 tournament champions: AıthanaAıthveneskandichvollCarnageFX

January (#1) 2018 2vs2 tournament champions: Sinnoh, Monet


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December (#2) 2017 allround tournament champion: Run.

December (#1) 2017 1vs1 tournament champion: Bloodred

November (#2) 2017 FFA tournament champion: Bloodred

November (#1) 2017 2v2 tournament champions: VolksWagen, Superboy'

October 2017 4v4 tournament champions: Simka121, Hardcore Speed, Purr., Velin Valentine

September 2017 FFA tournament champion: Lazarus.

August 2017 3v3 tournament champions: sam_pum, Simka121, theRealMadridcf

July 2017 4v4 tournament champions: theRealMadridcf, Run., 'Alicia, Crozzi

June (#2) 2017 1v1 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

June (#1) 2017 2v2 tournament champions: Pjushslovakpro

May (#2) 2017 FFA tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

May (#1) 2017 3v3 tournament champions: oquuc, oldghz, Rin's Melody

April (#2) 2017 4v4 tournament champions: Zaw, General Graardor, Superman. Cafune

April (#1) 2017 4v4 tournament champions: Destin., Legendary Zelda, Rin's Melody and Crozzi

March 2017 FFA tournament champion: Kizza00232Jera 

February 2017 2v2 tournament champions: Human BombBone Saw

January 2017 1v1 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf


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December 2016 allround tournament champion: slovakpro

November 2016 4v4 tournament champions: Crozzi, Kanches, snakeysa, Totally deaf

October 2016 FFA tournament champion: Ecks dee

September 2016 3v3 tournament champions: theRealMadridcf, Yossha, pleiades

August 2016 FFA tournament champion: seim hsv

July 2016 2v2 tournament champions: theRealMadridcf, Hard Drop

June 2016 FFA tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

May 2016 3v3 tournament champions: theRealMadridcf, Hard Drop, sam_pum

April (#2) 2016 1v1 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

April (#1) 2016 1v1 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf 

March 2016 FFA tournament champion: Bronskey

February 2016 4v4 tournament champions: theRealMadridcf, pleiades, Im_Koso, Nitrogen Dioxide

January 2016 FFA tournament champion: theRealMadridcf


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December 2015 allround tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

Curve Olympics 2015 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

October 2015 2v2 tournament champions: Nick, D-HERO

September 2015 FFA tournament champion: Bantersaurus

August 2015 3v3 tournament champions: Adversity, Shibeh, Nitrogen Dioxide

July 2015 FFA tournament champion: Gilnash

June 2015 4v4 tournament champions: sam_pumlex legisScriptslovakpro

May 2015 FFA tournament champion: Wilco

April 2015 2v2 tournament champions: GilnashPjush

March (#2) 2015 1v1 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

March (#1) 2015 1v1 tournament champion: Shinkansen

February 2015 FFA tournament champion: Gilnash

January 2015 4v4 tournament champions: Gilnash, Pjush, theRealMadridcf, Yellow.'


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December 2014 allround tournament champion: oldghz

November 2014 3v3 tournament champions: Pug., reverton, Hard Drop

Curve Olympic Champion 2014: Gilnash

October/November 2014 FFA tournament champion (Top 16 Olympics): MarioP1

September 2014 FFA tournament champion: Gilnash

August 2014 2v2 tournament champions: Shibzel, Shivers

July 2014 FFA tournament champion: Incred

June 2014 4v4 tournament champions: theRealMadridcf, Yellow.', Haru., DeclanR

May 2014 1v1 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

April 2014 4v4 tournament champions: theRealMadridcf, Yellow.', Haru., Atesh

March 2014 FFA tournament champion: Shinkansen

February 2014 2v2 tournament champions: theRealMadridcfYellow.'

January 2014 FFA torunament champion: theRealMadridcf


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December 2013 allround tournament champion: Chaos_2_win

November 2013 3v3 team tournament champions: .SiMi, Hurt and simka121

November 2013 2.5v2.5 team tournament champions: Yellow.', DeclanR and theRealMadridcf

October 2013 tournament champion: Gilnash

September 2013 tournament champion: theRealMadridcf

August 2013 team tournament champions: Yellow.'batman., theRealMadridcf and superman.

July 2013 tournament champion: Hurt

June 2013 team tournament champions: jonko, jimmydbSuperman. and Thrill

May 2013 1v1 tournament champion: Gilnash

April 2013 team tournament champions: theRealMadridcf and Unpredictable

March 2013 tournament champion: TNECNIV

February 2013 team tournament champions: NERDFACESalietje, Shivers and Vincenzo

January 2013 tournament champion: businessman


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December 2012 allround tournament champion: Alfy

November 2012 team tournament champions: MIMIKILLTDICH, GeRmAn OnE, nerdface

October 2012 tournament champions: velu_, Viigoor

September 2012 team tournament champions: